A brief introduction to the inflatable trampoline

- Dec 01, 2017-

The inflatable trampoline is designed according to the characteristics of the children. It contains a slide and a variety of animal models.

There are a lot of entertainment items that are loved by children. Children can develop intelligence, exercise their body and mind through novelty activities such as rollover, rolling, crawling, shaking, jumping and drilling.


Classification of inflatable skating beds: General trampoline series, large slide series, separate large slide and pool series, rock climbing series, inflatable castle series, inflatable competition series and so on. The inflatable trampoline is made of high quality environmental protection cloth PVC0.45mm wire mesh material, with bright color, smooth surface, Hikaruzawa Youwa, environmental protection and other safety features, products comply with the EU, the United States and Chinese toy safety standards; the third party inspection agency certification standards, ensure the safety of children amusement production process: material, sewing (heat), stick (landscaping), finished the whole. 

1, as much as possible the use of double needle sewing stitches, the needle distance control between 4.2 and 4.5mm, to minimize the leakage and increase the sewing parts of the reinforcement strength. 

2, the width of the gluing brush and the width of the sticky strip is no more than the positive and negative 0.5cm. The connection between the form and the large surface is the largest arc structure. The purpose is to make the product uniformly stressed and increase the service life of the product. 

3, there is a certain safety distance between every two shapes and shapes and guardrails. One meter, the product modeling is realistic, the color match is beautiful, and it can fully guarantee the safety of the visitors.

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