China's gas-mould culture

- May 19, 2017-

Gas model, that is, inflatable models, from abroad to us but Shang 10, but the speed is far beyond our imagination, in fact, Chinese civilization also has a lot of similar with the inflatable products, such as the paper Dragon, the craftsmen, Phoenix, the Spring Festival of Lion dance, puppet show and so on, gas mold is a kind of evolution of these civilized goods, with gas instead of the original bamboo, steel and other support, so that everyone fantasy of the shape can be more vivid display out, so, inflatable tent industry development is also expected.

To make everyone's fantasy into actual performance, it must be a practical model, and this model is also necessary to use filler, paper Longfeng and other paper goods are supported by hard structure, lion dance directly using the human body to do the filler, puppet show use of wood to do the fill. And these civilized commodity each has each flaw, the biggest flaw is the volume restraint, if they want to do very big, must face extremely high, simply cannot bear the cost. And the gas mold arches, just deal with this question, direct use of air to fill.