Gas products should pay attention to the use of the link

- Jan 09, 2018-

At the beginning of the festival get together mode. Now in every city, the shadow of gas-mode products are basically everywhere, and now more and more people think of it as an advertising medium, I believe most of the gas factory also produced such ads Propaganda types of gas-mode products, and sometimes when we search related images, there will be a lot of ads with the nature of the gas-type product images, the use of this inflatable model can not only increase people's desire, you can also play To the advertising effectiveness.


  In the use of these products in the use of gas-mode, often occur due to product damage, inadequate inflatable, resulting in gas-mode across the street, which seriously affected the traffic on the road. So in the course of the use of more careful, then we should take what kind of measures to be able to avoid this phenomenon?

  1, some celebrations companies, to minimize the number of stent products, while the power cord is fixed, so as not to interfere with other steps in the process, tape the power plug to protect the people around to prevent injury;

  2, in the bracket of this model products, pay attention to the surrounding traffic environment, try not to support the traffic artery, to be stable and stable;

  3, strengthen the management of its production process, improve the quality of gas products;

  4, after use in time to deflate them, so that not only can save space, but also facilitate us to carry out.


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