Giant Inflatable Arches and Inflatable Gantries

- Nov 02, 2017-

86.jpgBrand Exposure

Inflatable Arches and Inflatable Gantries have proven to be a fantastic way to ensure brand exposure at events and in the media.  They feature at the start and finish of races, throughout the races course, as a means of creating an entrance and exit to an event or at the entrance to a trade fair or exhibition and to be a pointer for registration at an event. The use of Inflatable Arches and Inflatable Gantries is unlimited and the Inflatable arch is highly brand-able. Due to their size and scale these inflatable products are an ideal way to make your branding look fantastic.

Highly Engineered to china Standards

The Inflatable Arch designed and manufactured by Giant Inflatables are highly engineered to china Standards to be extremely stable and reliable and our experienced design team will ensure your branding clearly communicates your message in the most visible, effective method at high profile events.

No Surprises, No Failures

A Giant Inflatables Arch gives you the peace of mind of a company which has been around for over 10 years. Based on years of experience in chinaare constantly improving our designs and modifying our engineering systems to best practice. This means that your Inflatable Arch will always just work, no matter what – no surprises, no failures.

Safe and Effective

Giant Inflatables designers constantly work with the installers of inflatables to make sure our designs are Safe to set up for staff that may not have any experience in the field.  Our Inflatable Arches and Gantries are effective and simple and easy to erect, without any complications or specialized skills required. The Inflatable Arch by Giant Inflatables is so durable it can be re-used year in and year out, re-branded, is easy to maintain and Giant Inflatable provides all the necessary maintenance, repair, cleaning and certification necessary to ensure the longevity of your Inflatable Arch.  Inflatable Arches and Gantries are also big enough to accommodate more than one brand or logo at a time to allow for co-branding.

Attention Grabbing

Due to their size, Inflatable Arches and Gantries are impossible to miss.  They have vibrant colours and massive branding. In fact we will bet your bottom dollar that what you get is bigger, better and more exciting than what you had in mind!  Just ask our many clients who will attest to the joyous surprise when they first get to see their Inflatable Arch creation.

Flexible Design

Another very attractive feature of Inflatable Arches and Gantries is that there are no design limitations. The traditional round or square design can be augmented to any shape your imagination can create. From Coca-Cola bottles to castles gates, from Hogs Breath Café “Hogs” to “Red Bulls” clashing horns.

Flexible Use

Whether for use indoors or outdoors, Inflatable Arches and Gantries come in any size you or your venue require.