inflatable boat

- Dec 02, 2017-

The inflatable boat (English: inflatable boat) is an inflatable boat, most of which is made of rubber, so it is also called a rubber boat. Not inflatable can be compressed. Driven by motor or manpower. It can be used for entertainment and water rescue, and is also adopted by the Marine Corps of various countries.

Application of inflatable boat:

Inflatable boats have been widely used in tourism, rafting, sports competitions, military exploration, fishing, hunting, and various kinds of waterworks, such as flood control, rescue and rescue at sea. The applications of inflatable boats are expanding year by year. In some cases, its application is also mandatory, and the International Convention for the protection of life safety of maritime personnel stipulates that all ships at sea must be equipped with inflatable lifeboats available at any time. The facts show that the performance of the inflatable ship is reliable.

Characteristics of an inflatable boat:

1, all of the imported special gas boat materials 0.9T1000D/PVC or 1.2mm PVC are used, and the air tightness, wear resistance is excellent and the service life is long.

2, imported air valve, convenient, safe and reliable.

3, all the bonding parts are all glued with imported glue. The peel strength, high temperature resistance, hydrolysis resistance and UV resistance are much better than those of domestic glue. Even under the sun exposure, the solid performance of the air boat connection part is fully guaranteed.

4, the color fastness of the imported materials, the color of the cloth face for a long time as new, the imported special wear-resistant double color protective fender, making the hull durable.

The hull gasbag of the hang boat is made of glue and high frequency heating technology. It has good air tightness, high strength, durable and high quality. The speed is 40 to 60 kilometers per hour. After inflating, it can be kept for at least one week.

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