Inflatable Castle

- Nov 27, 2017-


Inflatable Castle

Inflatable castle is a kind of appearance for the castle shape inflatable play equipment, the use of environmental protection, soft and other characteristics of the material made, to provide for children's play. Because of its lovely, unique shape, loved by children. Inflatable castle, children's castle, inflatable trampoline and so on.

Castle use

1, the use of fan inflatable castle should pay attention to the supply voltage is consistent with the product description.

2. A reliable ground wire shall be connected to the housing and shall be inspected regularly. The air inlet fan is arranged on the protective net, in order to avoid accidents.

3, the collection of inflatable castle should turn off the power supply, open the fan interface and exhaust port, Castle exhaust time is generally about half an hour (depending on Castle size), the remaining gas to be artificial extrusion. In case of water inflow in rainy days, water must be removed and dried.

4, inflatable castle should be regularly cleaned and disinfected, you can use washing powder to wash the castle, clean water after cleaning stains should be washed, and then dry.

5, if the castle does not use for a long time, should pay attention to clean, then the castle folded, tied, packaged. Storage temperature should be -50~+40 degrees celsius. And take care to prevent the rats from breaking the castle.

6, should pay attention to prohibit the age too small children play irritating items.

7, avoid age difference is too big, prevent older children and children collision accident.

8, managers should be supervised at any time, teach children to abide by the rules of the game, to prevent accidents.

9, in case of wind, rain and other weather, should be prohibited in outdoor open-air inflatable castle, in order to avoid accidents.

Maintenance measures

1. in order to ensure your equipment to reach the normal service life, in the boot play can not participate in too many children play. The general capacity of 3 square meters of a child in the air on.

2. small shape decoration on the facilities, can not let children pull hard, hard tear, so as not to damage.

3. children play, can not let the children scribble on the device with graffiti hard to avoid damage.

4. in case of damaged equipment, can be damaged and spare PVC materials are coated with special glue, glue 5 minutes after the non stick hand, adhesion, appropriate extrusion, a few minutes can be used.

The pressure is 5. on the device, check there is no excessive leakage, tearing holes, or power; pressure is too hard to block the air inlet fan. 6. if the large area of abnormal use damage, the factory can provide professional maintenance services, or directly sent back to the factory for repair.

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