Inflatable materials

- Feb 02, 2018-

Inflatable materials are divided into PVC and Oxford.


What is the gas? 

Gas refers to the gas model refers to the model of two words. It is also called the inflatable inflatable, making inflatable material is divided into PVC and Oxford cloth, Oxford cloth also referred to as the nylon cloth, Oxford cloth called at home and abroad, called nylon cloth. The production of a variety of inflatable products. The arch we usually see is made by PVC, jumping bed, inflatable slide, fixed cartoon, active cartoon, column, water ball, wave ball, barrel, inflatable pool, rowing boat, banana boat, Pipa boat and so on. The smaller products are made with Oxford cloth, such as small inflatable jump bed and small inflatable slide.

What is the difference between the PVC and the Oxford cloth?

(1)PVC material


the composition of PVC, which can increase the strength and heat resistance, and has the effect of elasticity and ductility.

(2) Oxford cloth cloth


it is made of many kinds of textile fiber components and fabrics. It has a clear effect. It has light weight, good waterproofing, twists and turns, good softness, anti static electricity, good pull resistance and fire resistance.

Oxford cloth is also our daily necessities, usually using bags and other goods. Besides bags, Oxford cloth production is also used to make children play inflatable jump bed or inflatable slide.

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