Inflatable model

- Jan 12, 2018-

Inflatable model referred to as "gas mode." More refers to the new encryption Oxford materials, re-use fan blowing air inflatable products.

Compared with the traditional coated PVC cloth, the PE cloth has the advantages of easy tear, no degumming layer and good sealing. Product light weight, easy to carry, easy to cast. In the market a wide range of inflatable products, including arches, pillars, weddings, cartoons, product models, recreational facilities, water children's playground. Wide range of uses, in addition to the common advertising industry, entertainment, sports, television entertainment, wedding, exhibition promotions and even related to the military field.


Inflatable model - is the abbreviation of the model of the gas.It has a wide range of arches, character modeling, animal modeling, and so on, anyway, is to give you a gas space.


Inflatable model also known as gas model, is the mid-eighties of last century brought in from abroad a new media. Its predecessor is said to have come from a large number of cartoons, cartoons made in the United States. Due to the animation in the film, the realistic and lovely cartoon character has become the object of study and imitation for many young children. Therefore, it is soon to be seen by some astute advertisers. Advertiser Tomsen is America's first "originator" of inflatable cartoons. Auspicious Qi gas domestic model factory is also engaged in the production of gas mold products one of the earlier. At present, there is still much room for development in the gas mold industry in China.

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