Inflatable Toys General Classification

- May 19, 2017-

From the function of the large-scale advertising model, large inflatable toys, leisure furniture series, small cartoon children's toys, promotional inflatable gifts, small advertising simulation gas model, lifesaving equipment, water amusement toys, inflatable pool pool, water transparent roller.

Large Inflatable toys: This kind of toys large volume, mainly appear in large supermarkets doorway, park or shopping malls, such as: Naughty fort, Casino, inflatable castle, inflatable jumping bed, inflatable rock climbing, inflatable slides, inflatable arches, large inflatable advertising model.

Cartoon Inflatable toys: The appearance of this kind of inflated toys for the cartoon image, product appearance, and appearance, is very good children's toys, advertising model.

Small inflatable toys: This kind of inflatable toys small size, shape and diverse, colorful, interesting, children's favorite, such as inflatable small animals, swimming laps, inflatable dolls and so on.

Leisure Inflatable Home: Selection of high-strength PVC materials, inflatable mattresses, inflatable sofas, portable inflatable bed, indoor inflatable swimming pool, etc.

Inflatable toys: This kind of inflatable toys are mainly suitable for water, such as the park's tumbling ball, yo-yo ball, swimming ring, inflatable boat, water walking ball, water transparent roller, Yau bo Ball, etc., is the best water inflatable toys in summer leisure and entertainment.