Installation description of inflatable water amusement park

- Nov 01, 2017-

The water park includes many kinds of equipment, charging equipment (such as inflatable water slides, inflatable castle), artificial wave devices (such as mobile wave pool), mechanical equipment (water through mechanical support equipment) and stent pool. Different types of water amusement park equipment installation methods are not the same, the next to the inflatable water park equipment installation is explained:


Installation method of inflatable water amusement park equipment:

(1) first find a flat ground, clean up the stones on the ground, broken glass and other sharp objects, in order to prevent the burst of products.

(2) the carpet is spread on the ground (or PVC cloth, or the color of the cloth), then packaged gas is placed in the center of the floor.

(3) open the air equipment package, do not use sharp blade tool packages, to prevent carelessly to package products, use the scissors on the package, the needle slowly pick off, then open the package at the mouth of the needle thread.

(4) after opening the package, each part of the inflatable device is slowly extended to the periphery until all the parts are flattened and extended to the ground.

(6) find a fan above the inflatable device, the blower fan and inflatable blower port on tie tight, then ready for power line.

(7) the fan is connected with the power supply, and the switch is turned on. The blower starts blowing the inflatable equipment, and the air charging equipment is completed at about 5-10 minutes. The equipment is fully presented.

(8) check whether there is air leakage and so on. After the installation, it can be put into use.


Special reminder:

Some inflatable products need to be filled with blowers. Please use qualified power connections and sockets.

(1) inflatable equipment needs reasonable and appropriate storage, so as to delay its use cycle. When in use, according to the size and number of control area of inflatable equipment for tourists, cannot be too much, too much load caused by gas. In addition, more inflatable equipment, jumping prone to fall, extrusion situation, causing danger.


(2) the inflatable equipment should be folded when it is not used. The method is to merge the edges and corners of the surrounding parts into the middle.

(3) in the business and placed on the outside, it must be possible to fold into a small area, PVC tarpaulin cover, used to block the rain, frost etc..

(4) to clean up gas periodically, use clean cloth to gently wipe the agent..