Knowledge of inflatable toys

- Nov 25, 2017-

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Inflatable toys for children are toys made from the tensile force of film materials and the pressure difference inside and outside the film. The climate is small in size, easy to carry and collect.

2 classification of inflatable toys:

Large inflatable toys for children:

Such toys are bulky, mainly in parks or shopping malls, such as: naughty fort, entertainment city;

Children's cartoon inflatable toys:

The shape of this kind of inflatable toy is a cartoon image, because of its bright colors and strong interest, it is loved by children, such as inflatable puppy, inflatable Mickey mouse;

Small inflatable toy for children:

Such inflatable toys are small in size, no specific shape, such as inflatable ball; such inflatable toys are mainly applicable to water, such as swimming laps, inflatable boats, etc., the summer is the sale of inflatable toys on the water in the golden age;

3 inflatable toys maintenance

1, before the toy bleeding, with semi dry towel to clean the surface of the toys, dried air deflated, folded in a cool and clean place custody;

2, if the toys do not keep the water, in the case of unable to drain, put dry ventilated place blowing, dry until the water steaming dry, must not have water storage;

3, toys stored for a long time, should regularly check whether there is damp, should be blown in the ventilation and wipe clean

How to repair inflatable toys

1, paste requirements

In the first toy to be glue evenly and paste on the cloth and then dry to half a minute, the cloth attached to the paste, flat after Alice, paste is completed.

The toy was scratched

A, the cut is longer than 5cm sewing seam application, and then use the cloth or cloth paste

B, the mouth is less than 5cm, paste directly

2, the joint line

First sew up the opening with a sewing thread, or open it from the bottom of the air cushion and sew it into the seam, and handle the opening firmly with the method of pasting, and consider the beauty at the same time

At 3, beautify the warped edge with a small brush at the amount of smear glue in Alice, pause after press, can be pasted firmly.

Sum up:

Small toys for children are soft, elastic and lovely. Large inflatable toys are safe, exciting and interesting, and inflatable toys on the water are very interesting.

It is children's inflatable toy has many features, allowing more people to accept, and cannot do without it; in addition in recent years the development of large-scale outdoor toys led to a certain extent, a large inflatable children's toys development; other children's inflatable toys outer membrane technology building materials rapid development, extensive use of PVC material, also in to promote the effective development of the toy industry in recent years and reunion, children's inflatable toys maintained a good development speed.

Safety precautions of inflatable toys for children:

1. Please take off your shoes and enter the site.

2, large inflatable recreational facilities suitable for children aged 3~12 years old, 8 years of age need to be accompanied by parents play.

3, please do not carry any metal and other hard material sharp objects into the site, so as not to hurt yourself or others.

4, do not eat any food in the venue, so as to avoid jumping, causing the throat, food into the nasal cavity and other accidents.

5, the site edge play, don't jump outside, so as not to jump out of the site accident.

6, pay attention to site hygiene.

7, heart disease, heart and brain disease patients moderate play.

8, games, entertainment, safety is important.


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