Maintenance method of inflatable equipment

- Dec 05, 2017-


The inflatable pool is a state that people reduce the actual bathhouse or swimming pool. Because the inflation tank is light and easy to carry, so it can be used for many occasions, such as small parks, roadsides, homes, etc. As long as the gas tank is filled with gas and water is injected into the inflatable pool, it can be used. So, does he have anything else besides the inflatable swimming pool? The answer is yes, the main use of inflatable pool is for children to play, when playing, can put some fish in the pond, let the children in the inflatable pool inside the capture, not only the development of children's active personality, but also improve their ability to increase the pleasures of life and children! Of course, you can also add a cassia seed, and other equipment, is fun, definitely make money. With the rapid development of industry, children swimming, swimming equipment throughout the people's entertainment life, such as swimming Park common children's love of children's water park, hot summer popular mobile water park, celebrations, inflatable inflatable inflatable red common equipment, because of easy molding, to attract popularity advantages such as swimming equipment itself is more and more favored by. So how do these inflatable swimming equipment be maintained and maintained? This is the problem that most investors are most concerned about. As a professional manufacturer of inflatable swimming equipment, we will tell you the basic maintenance and maintenance knowledge of inflatable swimming equipment.

First of all, the inflatable swimming equipment is afraid of scraping. It is like our clothes, even if the good cloth is afraid of scraping. Therefore, when the inflatable swimming equipment you use, you must ensure that there is enough space to put down the product, and the ground must be neat, no hard objects on the ground, laying a layer of the best color of the cloth, carpet etc.. While children are playing, they must be banned from carrying hard and sharp objects. It is best to let them take off their shoes to play.

Secondly, the inflatable swimming equipment is afraid of dragging. When you need to move the operation position of the inflatable swimming equipment, even a shorter distance, you must first pack and move it again, if the inflatable swimming equipment is dragged directly on the ground, then it will wear easily over time.

The last is the cleaning of the inflatable swimming equipment. With the long operation of the inflatable swimming equipment, the surface of the equipment will become very dirty. The surface of the equipment for the dust, you only need to beat the sweep with a broom or other tools can be, if you need to use the wet cloth to wipe the mud.

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