Not the same as the inflatable fabric

- Nov 13, 2017-


Now on the market a wide variety of gas products, buy what kind of good? The most important thing is to know what material is (the material of the product is directly related to the service life):

1 James PVC, low cost, lower price, feel generally, heavy, used for most manufacturers, useless, resist wind 3-4, price difference.

2, Oxford ordinary cloth, thin, light, wear resistance is not good, only in the following operation, 5 wind cost, selling price, the price can be a few manufacturers.

3, strengthen Oxford cloth and strengthen the encryption of Oxford cloth, PE cloth, high cost, selling price, the wind resistance, 6-7 or above, good wear resistance, excellent performance, not easy to tear off layer (layer pressure on the cloth), sealing good, light weight, portable convenient, easy to use.