Top 5 Best Inflatable Christmas Decorations 2017

- Oct 25, 2017-

christmas will be here before you know it. Savvy shoppers know that the best time to buy Christmas decorations is as far ahead often holiday as possible, before prices spike and inventory becomes limited. Shopping for a cool Christmas decoration now ensures you’ll have your new decor item in time for the holiday, without having to default to a second choice option. One of the most popular kinds of Christmas decorations are inflatable decorations, which are generally suited for either indoor or outdoor use. They generally are made from water resistant fabric, and come with stakes and an inflator fan for your convenience. Giant Santa Claus figures are popular, but there are lots of other creative options to consider. Dress up your home with our favorite inflatable Christmas decorations, perfect for indoors or out. Read on to see our top picks, or check out our post on the best funny Christmas ornaments.

1.Inflatable Santa Claus Airplane Blow Up Yard Decoration


Santa might traditionally deliver his presents via a sleigh, but we still think this over-sized lawn decoration is perfect for the holiday season.  this Santa inflatable features a “North Pole Express” phrase on one side, and a pile of presents hidden behind Santa. This self-inflating decoration comes complete with everything you need for outside placement: an inflator fan, a set of ground stakes, and tethers. If you have the yard space, this is something that will definitely set your house apart, and make it easy for your holiday guests to locate your house in the neighborhood. This is an especially nice yard decoration for families with a personal interest in aviation. Maybe dad is a pilot, or mom is a history buff who loves the Wright Bros. Of course, if you prefer a more traditional look for your inflatable decor, you could opt for this Santa in a sleigh inflatable instead.

2.Airblown Inflatable christmas Archway2.jpg

This christmas archway fits around your home’s entryway, making your guests feel instantly transported into a Christmas Wonderland.  this inflatable has a huge presence, and will definitely make you the envy of the neighborhood. This particular inflatable is rated for both indoor and outdoor use, so if you have a house with high ceilings, this could be a fun indoor decoration for the doorway leading into the room where you place your tree

3.Airblown Inflatable Christmas Xmas Santa Claus Decoration5.jpg

Sometimes you just want something classic. This straightforward Santa design is perfect for the budget-conscious household that wants a basic, simple decor idea. This Santa measures 6 feet tall, so he may be even taller than some of your party guests! As with most other inflatables on the market, this is made from waterproof polyester, making it easy to clean.

4.  12 Foot Tall Inflatable Christmas Tree With Star


This enormous tree shows the neighborhood that you love Christmas the most. A whopping 12 feet tall, this Christmas tree with a star on top is a great way to tell everyone that you love Christmas. If this is simply too tall for your needs, consider this inflatable four foot tree instead. Consider placing one of these trees outside your home, or even inside. You could use this instead of your “real” Christmas tree, making it great for those who want to go green and avoid cutting down trees needlessly.

5. Inflatable Snowball Model For Christmas Indoor Decoration 


The Giant Snow Globe is one of a kind attraction and sure to get people talking about your event due to its uniqueness of bringing people together during the Christmas period. The concept has been designed on the miniature snow globes that many people often had fun shaking around to create the perfect snow fall around the objects inside.