Should pay attention to the use of the product process model

- Nov 10, 2017-


Festival is coming, Christmas is coming, and new year's Day is now entering the Festival gathering mode. Now in every city in the shadow of gas products basically is everywhere, more and more people now regard it as a kind of advertising media, believe that most of the gas plant are the production of such advertising type gas products, sometimes we are searching the related pictures, will appear a lot of the nature of the gas products advertising picture, the inflatable model can not only increase people's desire, but also can play the advertising effect.

In the use of gas products during use, often occurs due to the damage caused by inflation is not sufficient, across the street, which seriously affect the road traffic. So in the process of use should be more careful, then what measures should we take to avoid this phenomenon?

1, some celebration company, to minimize the number of support gas products, while the power line is fixed, so as to avoid prejudice to things other steps, with tape to protect the power supply plug, to prevent harm to the surrounding;

2, when the brackets of the gas products, pay attention to the surrounding traffic environment, try not to traffic support, to secure the stability;

3, strengthen the management of the production process, improve the quality of the gas products;

4, after the completion of the use of timely deflation of folding measures, so that not only can save space, but also easy to carry out.