The analysis of causes of air tightness of arch inflatable variation

- Oct 30, 2017-


What is the air tightness of inflatable arches? Influenced by the vicious competition in the current market and the rising prices of raw materials, many manufacturers choose fabrics with lower price. Because of the adhesive used in the fabric, recycling waste plastic two times processing PVC (commonly known as back material), feel dark, feel rough, poor adaptability to changes in the external environment, uneven glue layer pressure. After lead directly to the user use of such fabric arch for a period of time, poor air tightness, blowing up more time consuming products than the original, and the need for greater power fan agitation or to maintain the normal arch expansion degree with fan.

In the middle and late use, users will find that the product fade and gas leakage speed is accelerated, is also an inevitable phenomenon, can not be avoided. The use of fabrics for the old PVC, namely, PVC, rubber inflatable pressure cloth, by product lines such fabric production of coarse and heavy weight, the finished product need to use big power fan; at the same time, due to the characteristics of fabric production process is limited, can not completely fused with adhesive cloth.

Inflatable arches as a kind of outdoor advertising, the most attractive is creative, because people every day to see the ads in the outside of every hue, but the most impressive is the most creative forms of advertising, in fact, the most simple form is often better able to play the.