The characteristics of the trampoline amusement equipment

- Dec 04, 2017-


<1> security: the inflatable amusement equipment is a software amusement equipment, using non-toxic PVC material to clamp the net, by inflating the molding, the surface is soft, and the safety is very high.

<2> fun: this kind of equipment has changed the past passive, slippery, and turning. The children want to play can play their active creative, large equipment on the other more, play more, rock climbing, slide, single plank bridge, holes and other children not to mind taking the trouble.

<3> beautiful color: color dazzlingly beautiful, riotous with colour equipment, using imported materials, not easy to fade.

<4> durable: the material is strong and durable for about one hundred thousand times (usually for three to five years).

<5> fitness and intelligence: there are various shapes, realistic colors and beautiful colors. Children can achieve intelligence, physical exercise and physical and mental pleasure by turning, rolling, crawling, shaking, jumping, drilling and other new ways of activities.

<6> convenient: the equipment is large and small, can be according to the site of any combination, square, park, stadium (Museum) club, shopping mall.

<7> is easy to maintain: the product is equipped with special glue and repair material, and the repair is convenient and simple.