Design and manufacture of inflatable arch

- Oct 30, 2017-


Inflatable arch is an industrial product which integrates culture, science and technology and entertainment. It has been widely used in various activities such as opening ceremony, Expo, fairs, and so on. It is also the first choice for outdoor advertising. Inflatable arch is a symbol of corporate image, to promote the spirit and characteristics of the enterprise, is an effective way for customers to promote corporate image.

With the progress of science and technology, the manufacture of inflatable arches has been developed from the small workshops of household sewing machines in the initial stage into the large-scale modern chemical factory operations using high-speed electric sewing machines. As the leading technology of the computer, is widely used in the production of inflatable arches. The familiar computer embroidery machine is very helpful for the performance of high-grade and exquisite. It can bring the advantages of our designer's products into full play.

Secondly, the actual use of laser cutting machine, to help designers solve the subtle and delicate requirements. For example, need some minor changes to the rich letter gas products, requirements of computer embroidery, when using withembroideredcloth, computer cutting advantage is reflected, it can cut some small things, this is our inflatable arch hydraulic cutting bed can not solve the.

Finally, only by combining the high and new technology perfectly can we make the inflatable arch conforming to the current trend, and better serve the enterprise.