The use of inflatable cartoon walking

- Nov 24, 2017-


A: walking composition: 1, inflatable cartoon cartoon inflatable walking (usually inflatable man cloth into action, 210D encryption PU Oxford waterproof cloth and electronic flannel plus 190TPU three waterproof cloth cloth.) 2, fan: 9.6W/12 DC blast two, 12V battery 2, configuration: battery bag 2, outer bag one.

Two: Xi'an Jie flight go: first use cartoon inflatable battery bag Crossbody on left and right sides of the body, opened the bag behind one inflatable zipper, first feet to put up with what paste operation, the power line to terminal fan respectively according to the color, connected with the battery positive electrode and a negative electrode, bending the upper part of the body put on a zipper.

Note three: walking cartoon inflatable: 1, in use, may not be the fan power line polarity reverse connection, otherwise the fan will not work, or damage. 2, at the end of the event, open the zipper, must first remove the power line, people out again, to avoid the wind power line in the process of breaking. 3, before the activity must first charge the battery for 3-4 hours, so as to ensure that the fan work normally for 2-3 hours.


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