What are the differences between the two materials of Oxford cloth and nylon?

- Dec 11, 2017-

The two materials of Oxford cloth and nylon are mainly different from the manufacturing materials and the durability.


Oxford cloth:

It is a new type of fabric with various functions and wide use. At present, there are many kinds of fabrics in the market, such as latticed, full bomb, nylon, Teague and so on.

1, the suitcase Oxford cloth is specially used to make all kinds of bags. Polyester FDY150D/36F is used in the warp and weft lines of the fabric. Application of plain weave fabric woven with water jet loom, weft density is 360 /10cm * 210 /10cm, fabric relaxation, alkali, dyeing, anti-static coating and other processing, has a light texture, soft, good waterproof performance, good durability and other advantages.

2, polyamide Oxford cloth mainly make flood prevention and rain proof supplies.

The warp of the fabric is made of 200D nylon hollow wire, and the weft is made of 160D nylon empty wire. It is a plain weave structure. The product is woven through a water jet loom. After dyeing and finishing, the gray fabric has the advantages of soft touch, strong drape, novel style and good waterproof performance. It can mask the gloss effect of nylon yarn. Because of its excellent quality and novel and color, it is deeply loved by the users. There is dark blue, light yellow, green, black tiger and other different types of listed color and quantities selected according to customer demand for dyeing different colors.

3, the full bomb Oxford cloth is mainly made of bags. The fabric is made of polyester DTY300D silk, and it is made by using the change of the rough point in the water jet loom. After the fabric is slack, predefined, alkali deweighting and softening, the back surface of the fabric is then coated with rubber and plastic. Its fine textured, Hikaruzawa Youwa, good waterproof, this product is made of bags dress lady fashion trendy pets.

4, Teague Oxford cloth mainly made all kinds of bags. The surface of silk with polyester DTY400D yarn, weft yarn with polyester filament 400D DTY. The Teague texture is used to interweave the water jet (with the faucet) loom. The fabric is novel and unique in technology. It has a strong sense of three-dimensional appearance, and becomes the most prominent part of fabric. At the same time, the technology of coating (PU) is used on the reverse side to make it waterproof and drape better. It is a fashionable material for making all kinds of bags.

5, the weft bar Oxford cloth is mainly made of all kinds of bags. The fabric through the use of polyester FDY68D/24F, weft FDY150D/36F as raw materials, weaving the weft strip in water jet loom (with dobby leading) interwoven. The cloth has a clear strip, which integrates modernity, artistry and draping. After dyed and embossed, the grey fabric has the advantages of strong vertical sensibility and good waterproof.



For nylon materials, two proper nouns are first explained, D and T.

D--- Dan Neal =g/L*9000 g for the thread in which the weight (g), L is the length of thread (m), in fact, you don't need to remember what it is actually the expression formula of unit length of silk weight, like a lot of the bottom of the backpack is DuPont fabric with 1000D nylon, its density is very high abrasion resistance is well, then, the other in the backpack is not easy to wear parts, materials can be 600D or 420D nylon, their relative density will be smaller, the larger the number before the D, said the same area of the fabric was heavier.  Usually the tent to use 150D or 70D nylon, taking into account the cost / weight / wear resistance, but in some high-end super light tent, such as MHW, Annapurna, 30D, 40D of the fabric used to maximize reduce weight, cost is the cost of the sharp rise and relative wear resistance reduction.

T-- fabric in T, generally refers to Taff (polyester taffeta), polyester is a nylon, silk like fabric, generally used for tents and tent curtains, light and solid, such as 190T, said the numbers in front of 1 inches (2.545CM) in the weft yarn number (density) and is actually. A density unit, you can also simply believe that, T before the number is larger, so the same area of the cloth is heavier. For external account, taking into account its vulnerability in harsh environment, we should pay attention to whether it adopts the structure of scratch resistance (ripstop). In short, it is a small square grid weaving, even if it breaks a point, it will not get bigger in strong wind.

The material is dense. Waterproof resistance, fire proofing and anti tear manufacturing materials, use of artificial fiber (Kodra) and high density nylon cloth (Hi-density Nylon Oxford Oxford), generally use the D function to distinguish between them, such as Oxford's 420D 1000D Kodra nylon, nylon, the higher the function better, more professional, the waterproof glue film with some stitches.

The main materials of the backpack are 420D Oxford nylon, 1000D nylon, 600D or 1000Dpolyester (polyester), or 1000D CORDVRA and other materials. 1000D material is high density, very wear-resistant, very suitable for use in the field. CORDVRA is a famous high grade wear-resistant nylon roving fabric developed by the DuPont Co in the United States. The wear resistance of the material is much higher than that of ordinary nylon or polyester, and the weight is light. The knapsack of more than 90% famous brands in the world uses this famous nylon material.

In general, the material of Oxford is wear-resistant and tearing, and the nylon material is high wear-resistant.

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