What if the inflatable tent leaks?

- May 19, 2017-

If you find inflatable tents have a leak phenomenon, you can first wipe the air column clean, and then use soapy water to smear the surface to check the leak point, leakage point if only a very small hole, you can use a small round repair material (any inflatable tent specification), and then brush the glue, attach the glue drying to the leak point, binder, inflatable tent If the leak is a hot seam open gas column, can be divided into the following steps:

1, inflatable tent for the first time to clean the surface.
2, inflatable tent will be equipped with bottle glue, inflatable glue brush surface must brush evenly, thickness, and brush two times, you can bond.
3, the glue interface should be designed into a circular or oval shape, as far as possible to avoid square meters and sharp interface shape, overlapping width can not be less than 30 mm.
4, after the glue is volatile, adhesives, patches must be flat, non folding, rolling, leveling, and hair dryer supply hotkey, after 6 hours of the use of the air bonding.