An Indoor Pool Of Millions Of Balls For You To Play

- Dec 22, 2017-

There is a shock called a million ocean ball! In December 20th, 1000000 colorful ocean balls were about to parachute the city shopping center. With the children, with the small partners to feel the most hot in winter in person to play the game time. Whether the friends are already excited and eager to try! Jump into the world of ocean ball, release the innocence of children, open the carnival of flower style playing ball, come together to fight in winter!


In recent years, millions of marine pools have continued to burst and have spread throughout the city's large and medium-sized cities and playgrounds for children's activities. There must be an indoor amusement park with a business circle, and a big business circle that must be hot in a large ocean pool business circle. The main reason is that it provides a place for children to play safely and exercise healthfully, creating a happy moment for children to interact with their parents and their parents. The indoor ocean pool is a happy yearning for the children, and the parents are willing to do it. As long as you are willing to, can participate in, has become a sweet family entertainment project choice.


After further understanding, since the popularity of the million ball pool in 2016, this new unique and old and young game has also been rapidly burning all over the big cities in 2018. Among all the colorful ocean balls, we instantly released the innocence and pressure of the kids. This new and unique gameplay is popular among young people, and these operators also refresh their turnover records.


The ocean pool is also known as the million ball pool, the naughty castle ball pool, the children's amusement amusement park, the large playground children's pool, which is mainly used for children's indoor amusement parks, amusement parks and other children's amusement projects. Large million ball pools can reach 3000 square, medium and small from 100 thousand to 500 thousand, and a million ball pool needs to be tailored to a professional enterprise.


The million ball pool of indoor children's paradise, which can be combined with the form of recreational facilities, to increase the abundance of entertainment, but also to ensure safety. For example: indoor naughty fort, horse sponge, soft climbing, inflatable, inflatable bounce pass through the bed, ball pool, hot wheels, roller ball ball pool pool balls, inflatable slides etc.. The play is a big slide in the air, light and comfortable ball in the ocean to climb, climb, drilling, reservoir, and at the same time can play in the big slide on the slide down to the fun and excitement, imagine in the fairy tale of the ball pool both adults and children can freely roam, free roam, how wonderful yearning!