Inflatable Tents? Take You To Know It!

- Dec 26, 2017-

The inflatable tent is also a kind of tent. It adopts the principle of structural mechanics to design the framework, and expands the air bag to form a rigid column by using the characteristics of gas pressure, and supports the tent skeleton through organic combination.


It is very convenient to use the inflatable tents. Only the tent is laid on the floor, and the electric pump can be built in a few minutes according to the size. As for dismantling, only natural gas is needed, or an electric blower can be pumped. Such design and demolition are very simple, bring convenience to customers, no waste of too much manpower and time.


How to choose the inflatable tents?

The market is divided into three main categories: frame type inflatable tents, integral inflatable tents and military inflatable tents.

Frame type inflatable tent: air column frame form, air bag with PVC coating cloth high frequency heat combination, use electric pump can be open speed molding.


Integral inflatable tent: side wall and canopy cover for the arch ends, sandwich according to need to open doors and windows, forming a whole inflatable insulation special tent.


Military inflatable tent: respond to names in disaster relief command, post disaster emergency medical treatment, temporary school buildings, storage and accommodation for relief supplies, etc. it is safe and reliable to use, even if facing 8 level of wind, it can also be used.


Inflatable tent material?

The material is waterproof, anti ultraviolet material, it is fast in use and has the advantages of anti burning, mould proof, moisture proof and so on. In addition, you can print simple slogans on top of the purchase, so it has the effect of publicity, and the business use can bring more traffic.


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