Check Out The Cool Water Toys!

- Jan 29, 2018-

More and more players are no longer satisfied with enjoying the ocean scenery, but bring the "high quality and strong" marine entertainment products, and fully experience the endless fun of integrating with the sea. Whether you are in pursuit of speed or want to stroll, there is always a can make you heart! If you are going to rent a yacht to go to sea, then the water toys will be a good tool for your trip!


Banana split

Blue sky and blue sky, we are in accordance with the banana boat, a man's canoe is always less than a group of bananas. This is not only a test of the chemistry between each other, there will be more marked in the sea more lonely desolate heart, everyone is so quiet floating in the sea, free chat.


Water trampoline

This is the most suitable for the family to play the yacht toys, water trampoline, a lot of parent-child activities, the same also for parents and their children. Or when you invite other guests, and they also have children, then a large aquatic toy that can accommodate many people and entertainment is perfect. Maybe it's not a very exciting water toy, but it must be a favorite toy for children.

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inflatable Slide

An example of a 18 meter length slide can be connected to the second deck of the yacht. Like the slide of the photo, it can be customized according to the needs of the shipowner, and it is consistent with the color style of the yacht.


Climbing wall

If your child feels the slide is not exciting enough, it will be a good choice to climb the aerated rock wall to the deck.

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