Maintenance Of Inflatable Tanks

- May 19, 2017-

1. Drain the water from the inflatable tank and then remove the gas from the edge chamber for cleaning.
2. Cut the patch. Patches should be cut to 3 times times the size of the patch area, preferably round or oval.
3. First hit the base glue treatment. Wipe the areas and patches that need to be repaired clean, evenly apply the special glue, then use the hair dryer to blow to Non-stick hand, natural air-dry can also.
4. Make up the glue treatment. The patch area and patch is once again evenly coated with special glue, the same treatment to Non-stick hand.
5. Sticky and. Fix the patch on the patch area, slowly paste it from One direction, pay attention to the inflatable pool do not produce bubbles, and then use the hand pressure leveling.
6. Press the prison. After being glued to the flat hard object, the inflatable tank can be used with a flat hard weight pressed to 24 hours.