Million Pool Park -- A Good Project In The Mall

- Dec 18, 2017-

The emergence of a large million pool opens the way for the citizens to enjoy the whole people's Carnival, both adults and children. The super large pool plus millions of ocean balls itself is a shock. Children are enjoying their childhood. Adults are also looking for lost childhood through this ocean. It is not only the ocean of sea balls, but also the ocean of joy.

Where is the amusement and play, the ocean Ball Park welcomes you. The ocean ball park is now very hot, and all the big stores are running the ocean ball park. Children like to play with ocean balls. Can let the child play happy and happy.


According to the characteristics of children, we design a new generation of children's activity center which integrates amusement, sports, intelligence, fitness and other functions through the scientific three-dimensional combination. It can be said that it is a new and highly comprehensive children's playground, designed for children's nature, such as drilling, climbing, skating, rolling, swaying, swaying, jumping and rocking. At the same time, children can cultivate independent personality, exercise, brain and intelligence. It is easy to install, simple in management, without power equipment and easy to repair, whether it is inside or outside of the house or the irregular site. Naughty fort is arbitrary, characteristic, interaction and security, arbitrary means it is not restricted by the site, no power refers to the naughty fort without any power device operation, the invisible operational cost savings, but also to protect the safety of visitors is also affected by buyers welcome the. For children to play at the same time can cultivate independent personality, exercise, brain and wisdom.


The ocean ball park is a good equipment for the shopping malls and is a good place for children to play. Now there are many places to play and play, and the children are very fond of playing at the sea ball park. The ocean ball park is very fun, and the popularity is very hot.

Every time the weekend, the mall is full of people. There are so many people who play and play. The parents took the children to play at the sea ball park. Lovers can also play, leaving a moment to commemorate. Love to play the most children, in the ocean ball park to play a different feeling.

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