Play Outdoors In New Zealand-- A Wave Ball

- Dec 23, 2017-

Double inflatable ball -- a wave ball


Outdoor sports in Rotorua must go to experience the zorb. A fantastic invention of the new Zealanders, a huge double inflatable ball, invented by new Zealanders who love and love research in 1994. Rotorua zorb operation time has been more than 15 years, is a local landmark adventure. Game player can drill into a diameter of 3.5 meters large inflatable rubber ball, and 1 meters in the air cushion on the steep hill roaring, experience unlimited fun in the blue sky and white clouds rolling greens.


The ball is a very exciting and very safe and fun project. The zorb Rotorua is divided into dry bulb, wet bulb and wet bulb linear curve three. Dry ball is specially designed for the adventurous enthusiasts who love extreme sports. The staff will use a multipoint safety lasso to secure the player safely in the ball, and the player will experience 360 degrees of rotation and roll on the 200 meter long slide.


The ball ball is specially designed for the adventurists who love extreme sports.


The internal multipoint secure lasso can secure the player's safety in the ball

A straight line wet ball can carry one to three players with 40 liters of water in the ball (cold water in summer and warm water in winter). When the staff releases the ball console, the long wave ball will start to slide under the action of the earth's gravity. Players can enjoy the pleasure of sliding in the ball. Finally, the slow ball will slow down at the bottom of a slope. Two straight line slideways shoulder to shoulder and built, players can be divided into two groups and slide down the hillside at the same time.


Wet ball

In the curve wet ball, players jump into the water filled long ball and whistle down the hillside, just like Huang Lei and dodo. This experience is more experienced, and of course, the stimulation level is greatly increased. Perhaps you will scream in space, enjoy the Rotoru a Lake (Lake Rotorua) and Jason Island (Mokoia Island) by the majestic beauty of the 350 meter long leisurely wave ball slide is the world's longest zigzag line slipway.


The thrilling and thrilling ball rolling down the lawn to let the rider experience a different pleasure.



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