​Now THAT'S Glamping Under The Stars!(2)

- Nov 24, 2017-


We were just thinking about how amazing it would be to stay under the stars but there wasn't anything like that available so when we came back to Australia we decided to try and replicate the experience we had for others,' he said

Sonny said they discovered the perfect location while driving back from Mudgee one day. 

'I saw lots of ridges and amazing hills and I drove down one of the roads and it was just absolutely breathtaking - the views were incredible,' Sonny said. 

'We did massive letter drops in every mail box we could find introducing ourselves and spoke to locals about any land that might be available.

'We eventually came to a deal with a local farmer on 1,000 acre land that looked out over beautiful views that were just as magical when clouds were rolling around.'466D7C7500000578-5091675-_The_response_has_been_quite_overwhelming_and_it_s_caught_us_by_-a-3_1511093368525.jpg

The pair installed the inflatable bubble tent and decking in the space and filled the tent with a double bed, a telescope, a hammock, a daybed, an iPad with stargazing apps and curated playlists and a chic eco-friendly bathroom. 

The tent itself works on an over-pressurised system where air is constantly refilling the tent via a turbine that is battery and solar operated.  

This turbine acts as an air conditioner and keeps the temperature comfortable no matter the weather. 

Once the tent was all set up and ready to go, the couple launched it online in October and immediately were flooded with requests. 


'The response has been quite overwhelming and it's caught us by surprise. Everything changed in 24 hours and we are now booked out eight months in advance,' Sonny said. 

'We indulged in this ridiculous dream you only have once in your life and it worked - we can't even book ourselves in anymore!

'We are still pinching ourselves but we are mostly glad that everybody loves this concept as much as we both do - it's so exciting!' 


Even though we have some more on the way, the whole idea is that couples feel like they are the only couple on the property and that's how it will stay,' Sonny said. 

'Our priority at the moment is just delivering on this amazing experience and giving people a phenomenal night or two away. 

'We had our first proposal recently too and we are just so excited to see what the future will bring!'


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