Super Large Inflatable Slide Pan

- Dec 14, 2017-

The inflatable castle is small investment, quick inflation, small volume, easy to handle, beautiful appearance, fashionable style, variety of products, smart, widely applicable to many outdoor venues, low investment and high return. The inflatable castle is made of a new type of netting PVC environmental protection material. The mesh in the material is the high - strength polyester silk fabric, high quality PVC pulp, and the method of scraping is applied to the two sides of the mesh. This material is currently widely used by the international model material.


Nowadays, all kinds of inflatable skating beds have become mature amusement projects, and have been recognized by more and more parents and children. They have also become a trusted business item for operators. Unwittingly, children's inflatable castle, trampoline has been in the supermarket, plaza and other flowers everywhere. Why do children's inflatable trampoline project be widely praised and praised by people? The reasons for its growing red fire are the following:


1. More and more parents pay attention to the training of preschool education

According to a survey authority, 95.2% of parents think the child care and education as important, 95.4% of parents think that children should be the parents of equal status, 83.6% of parents think their children are important forms of learning games that combine teaching, to children as the main concept has been widely recognized and accepted by the parents, this is undoubtedly is a great progress in preschool education. Because of this, the future of children's inflatable trampoline will become more and more wide, and the market will be wider.


Two. The value orientation of children is more rigid.

It is understood that in the treatment of children education, 60.5% of parents chose it, it reflects the concept of parent education continually updated, parents realize that only children can grow freely in natural environment, that family education environment is more relaxed, parental education expectation tends to be rational, "Wangzichenglong, urgent psychological women look into the Phoenix" ease. In the face of the social value orientation of this great environment, parents prefer to give children a more natural and closer paradise to cultivate their children, so as to further cultivate children's character naturally. This is the future market prospects for the children's amusement park to join the new business opportunities, so it is widely appreciated.

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