The City Animal Inflatable Castle

- Dec 12, 2017-

Theme selection: 3D animation movie crazy animal City, crazy animal City

Design background: the product tells a unique modern animal city. Each animal has its own residence here, such as the magnificent rabbit Judi's residence, or the villas' suite of the fox Nick. It's like an metropolis, where the animals live together in peace - the elephants and the rabbits, where you can work here as long as you work hard.


The animal in the animal as the theme, including the "zebra paradise" "Judi's cabin" rabbit "Fox Nick Castle" "labyrinth" "Elephant Kingdom" each piece is a product, but also a theme, a total of 5 toys, play feature rich, diverse.

The product can be operated separately and can be operated in combination. It is not restricted by space. Each piece is 100 square meters. It can sell high flexibility according to different customer groups.


1. "zebra Park" specification: 10x10M

Zebra park product is made up of basic modeling. The functions of this product include crawling, skating, riding, touching, hitting, running, boxing column and obstacle.


2. "rabbit Judi's house" specification: 10x10M

The main function of the product is a big rabbit Judi. The main functions are: barrier column, riding, climbing, skating, drilling and other functional combinations.


3. "Fox Nick Castle" specification: 5x20M

The product mainly takes the slide as the theme. There is a cunning fox on the slide. The main functions of the castle are: obstacle columns, crawling, skating, drilling and other functional combinations.


4. "maze" specification 10x10M

The product is mainly built by Fox Nick in order to protect his own backyard. The labyrinth route is complex and easy to get lost. This is enough to prove Fox's cunning.


5. "the kingdom of elephants" specification: 10x10M

This is fox Nick, a group of obstacles set up after the maze. This is mainly based on hand climbing, but in addition to climbing, fox Nick also set up a rotary slide. This group of hurdles is both exciting and fun.


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