The Penguin Exhibition With Inflatable Toys Instead Of Tourists Ridicule: These Are The Emperor Penguin

- Oct 30, 2017-


Recently, "Antarctic penguins airborne Nantong!" this news in Jiangsu Nantong people's circle of friends crazy pass, many parents want to take children to long view, see the penguins. Who knows the scene "Penguin" is full of inflatable toys, make people laugh and cry.

It is reported that the news that the 2017 "Binjiang Park - Penguin Carnival" shock struck, September 16th, 17, tens of thousands of penguins in airborne Nantong Binjiang Park snowflakesfalling, forwarding the message can be set like free tickets for 1 adults. Most importantly, there was no real penguin on the scene, and the tourists felt cheated.

Subsequently, the organizers also said that the early propaganda did not mention is false penguins, in order to prevent more negative information coming out, after the event has been deleted link links.

A few tourists to no gas "Penguin" quipped: "dude, you how, how thin you like this, how do you thin flat in Nantong, and said, The climate does not suit one.?" "someone with a down jacket to see the penguins show today, is this what activities of the company do, I was blown away."

"Come to you, and let me feel the penguin culture of Binjiang park. Yes, these are penguins, King penguins." A visiting citizen photographed the scene and said, "come on, everybody, let's feel the penguin culture of Binjiang park. Yes, these are penguins, king penguins.".". In the video, a bunch of inflatable penguins piled up in the woods along the river, and tourists sit directly on penguins.