The Role Of The Inflatable Model In The Advertising Media

- Jan 04, 2018-

The inflatable model is a new kind of advertising media that appeared in the middle of the 1990s, and its biggest feature is the creation. In the process of brand and promotion, there is an irreplaceable advertising and propaganda role, it is easy to form a solemn and lively scene. A play it, enlarge people on the unlimited imagination of products, but also to mobilize a people's curiosity, it tease people's shopping desire, by showing vivid, tall and vivid style, to bring a strong visual impact and relaxed atmosphere, but also deepen an understanding the product image and the brand of the people, can play a better propaganda effect.



The inflatable model is made up of a new type of pinch PVC fabric, and then the air blower is used to inflate the product. This kind of PVC cloth is not easy to tear, do not remove the rubber layer, and also has the advantages of good sealing. This kind of product is easy to carry and easy to put. There are many kinds of inflatable models in the present market, including arches, pillars, wedding, cartoons, product models, amusement facilities, and children's paradise on water. The inflatable model is widely used. Besides the common advertising industry, there are amusement, sports competition, TV entertainment, wedding promotion, exhibition promotion and even military field.


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