Thirty-foot Inflatable Santa In Tahmoor Spreads Christmas Spirit

- Nov 18, 2017-

r0_0_4896_3264_w1200_h678_fmax.jpgWhat started out as a rivalry among neighbours has ended in a 30-foot inflatable Santa being erected.

Tahmoor’s Jason Wood and his neighbour Andrew Cassidy started putting up Christmas lights and decorations this year.

“It started as a competition with my neighbour,” Mr Wood said.

“Then we both kept buying more and more.

“So I decided to top it off with a 30-foot Santa.”

Mr Wood said he hoped the giant Santa would encourage his neighbours in Amblecote Place and Castlereagh Street to get into the Christmas spirit.

“I love Christmas and there are a lot of children in our street so it will be nice to see them outside playing and talking to others rather than being inside watching television,” he said.

The 21-year-old said he borrowed the inflatable Santa from his fiance’s father.

“My partner’s father owns Griswolds Outdoor Xmas Display and Lights in Spring Farm,” Mr Wood said.

“He has two 20-foot Santas and one 30-foot Santa that he usually rents out to customers.


“This year, the 30-foot Santa didn’t get rented so he gave it to me to use this Christmas.”

Mr Wood said this was the first year he had put up the Santa, lights and decorations and it had already created a lot of “excitement”.

“Our neighbour put up a photo of the Santa on Facebook and that seems to have generated a lot of attention,” he said.

“We expect the weekends to be busy.

“I have now met more people in my street and neighbourhood because people are stopping to take photos.”

Mr Wood said the Santa would be inflated on Friday and Saturday afternoons and evenings until Christmas, except for December 1 and 2.

“I will only put it up on the weekends because it is too hard to drag it in and out of the garage every night,” he said.

Mr Wood said the Santa only took about five minutes to inflate.

The house will also be adorned with other lights and decorations.

Locals are encouraged to take photos but are asked to respect the inflated Santa.