Transparent Bubble Tent

- Dec 16, 2017-

Camping on the journey is a great way to feel nature. But in the wild, wild storms to small, mosquito bites, but every minute to get collapse.

The French designer Pierre Stephen Duma, designed a transparent bubble tent, may solve your troubles. This tent is not only afraid of wind and rain! It can also enjoy the beautiful scenery around the world, looking up at the stars in the night sky.


First of all, the appearance of the tent is totally different from the traditional camping tent. It looks like a huge soap bubble without any seal of traditional tent.


The inflatable tents, the bed, the wardrobe, the desk and the electric lights, make the bubble look more like a mobile hotel room.


It is made of anti - ultraviolet PVC material, which can be fireproof, waterproof, withstand high temperature and low temperature. The installation is also convenient and convenient, and the super quiet air pump can reduce the interference to the minimum0d45e0a627a24eaf83e4d3cacacf8495_th.jpg

It not only has the fan in time to keep air change, but also can adjust the temperature in the tent at will.

And because it's inflated, you can easily bring it anywhere.

This "bubble" can be used either alone or connected to a family.


This is the style of painting in the flowers and fields.


You can also listen to the waves in the sea, feel the sky line


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