Ready To Adopt Some Inflatable Pool Toys?

- Oct 27, 2017-


A Majorcan hotel has joined forces with to create a temporary sanctuary and adoption service.

However, instead of finding new homes for dogs and cats, the hotel is seeking owners for abandoned inflatable pool toys, according to The Sun.

"A pool inflatable shouldn’t just be for summer which is why we’re launching an adoption program for these lost and rejected flotation devices," said Isabelle Pinson of

"We’ve teamed up with the Hipotels Gran Playa de Palma to set up an inflatable sanctuary, where guests can adopt and re-use left behind inflatables, giving them a new lease of life." surveyed 2,000 vacationers to find that nearly half purchased an inflatable toy on a trip but only 28 percent actually brought it home with them.

Many simply ditch them to save room for more important belongings in their luggage. That's perhaps hard to believe considering the average blow-up pool toy owner spends almost seven hours playing with it on summer vacation.

The survey also found that sunscreen is the only object lost or left behind more frequently than inflatable pool toys.

Guests with a soft spot in their heart for floating objects and animals staying at the Hipotels Gran Playa de Palma can participate in the goofy gimmick over the next three months.

They'll have their pick from a variety of options, including donuts (the most popular, according to's survey), traditional lilos, crocodiles, swans, unicorns and dragons.