Where All The Inflatable Tents Are Used

- Dec 29, 2017-

1, the wedding banquet in use

Many young people take up the wedding banquet to complete their wedding banquet when they do the outdoor wedding. They are romantic, save money and have special features. At the same time, the tent can provide hundreds of people to eat at the same time, with strong mobility and perfect function, it is the first choice for the outdoors to undertake the wedding banquet.

2. Use in outdoor tourism

Travel, there will inevitably be sleeping in the field, in order to ensure our safety, camping inflatable tent becomes a US travel indispensable outdoor equipment, high tensile strength, good air tightness, light weight, easy to carry, at the same time to meet the two requirements of comfortable and practical.

3. Use in the exhibition and sale of commodity

It is suitable for outdoor building in shopping malls and exhibits various kinds of products, so that the display and marketing have attractive fashion elements and space.


4. Use in medical rescue

We can quickly build temporary rescue sites and hospitals in the first scene of disaster relief, take emergency treatment for injured persons, implement rescue and rescue, and give the wounded mind comfort for the first time.


5. Use in fire rescue

In the fire rescue, fire ruthlessly destroyed our homes, then our firefighters will be lost a friend of the family moved to inflatable tents, let them have a temporary shelter home.


6. Used in military outdoor exercises

In military exercises, inflatable tents are used as the main camps in military command operations, military camps, and tent camps in shielding tents. The military commanding and inflatable tents of the people's livelihood style are designed according to the actual needs of military operations.


In addition to the above, the inflatable tent in our life there are many uses, such as for flood control and disaster relief relief inflatable tent, construction field work with the inflatable tent, tent for medical rescue combined field hospital, as a temporary outdoor entertainment clubs, inflatable tents, and various places according to the people in need of temporary build.

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