Why Inflatable Amusement Equipment Is Safe?

- May 19, 2017-

This material is a professional inflatable cloth, cold resistance is good, can reach $number low temperature; good flame retardant, PVC is the abbreviation of polyvinyl chloride materials, PVC resin as the main raw material, adding a right amount of anti-aging agent, modifier, etc., through mixing, calendering, vacuum molding and other processes from the material.

Large inflatable toys and small and medium-sized inflatable toys cloth thickness of 0.45mm (500D), slides and slopes with 0.55mm (1000D) cloth, the bottom thickness is 0.45mm (500D), the height of the air cushion is 60 centimeters, the guardrail height is 80 centimeters, the guardrail width is 27-30 centimeters, the slide and the modelling design are rounded corners, in the easy break place uses the upper and lower reinforcement structure sewing, the material is the national uniform PVC clamp NET cloth, By the Quality Supervision Bureau test results show this material, non-toxic tasteless completely green amusement equipment designated materials one.